Dear guest,

We would like to give you a warm welcome to our Las Afortunadas complex, hoping that you will be able to rest here as you deserve.

Following is some useful information that could make your stay more pleasant:

  1. Reception is open daily from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m, except Thursdays and Sundays where it remains closed. This may vary depending on arrival times.
  2. If you need a second set of keys, please ask for them at reception. Also we are happy to take your post to the post office.
  3. The apartments are cleaned three times a week. The towels are changed three times a week and the sheets once. Please remember that we do not do your washing up. If you need more towels, just tell the reception desk and we will provide you with them immediately. The cleaning staff may be very busy on occasions due to departures, in which case your apartment will be cleaned a little later than normal. Thank you for your understanding. This does not happen often.
  4. Daily fresh bread will be brought to your door at around 8.30 am. Only on the days our staff is off-duty, please take the bread (2 rolls per person) from the box on the ground floor.
  5. If anything is faulty in your apartment, please contact reception and our maintenance staff will take care of the problem as soon as possible.
  6. All our apartments have safety deposit boxes for your valuables (passport, money, plane tickets, etc.) at economic rental prices
  7. Pursuant to Spanish legislation, there has been no smoking in the apartments since 1 January 2006. If you wish to smoke, you may do so on the balcony or terrace or in other open areas of the complex, but please show consideration to other guests who may be non smokers.
  8. In order to comply with the law our smoke detectors in the apartments are very sensible to smoke. Therefore when cooking, please close the dormitory door to avoid the activation of the smoke detector.
  9. There is a large shopping centre within 5-10 minutes walk, where you can buy “almost” everything.
  10. In order to respect our other guests, please preserve the rest periods between 13.00 – 15.00 and 22.00 – 08.00 and do not use the pool before 8 a.m. or after sunset. Also, please use soft shoes inside the apartments, as tile floors transmit the noise of heels, etc.
  11. Please do not take pillows or towels from the complex to the beach or pool. They do not last as long and we would like to keep them in the same condition as you would like to find them if you come again.
  12. In consideration of our other guests, you cannot book loungers with towels first thing in the morning and then spend the day on the beach without using them. Later risers will probably also want to sunbathe by the pool, without finding booked but empty loungers.
  13. Our lounger covers are only for use in the garden. We kindly request that you bring these back to the storage area after use to protect against moisture and wind-borne sand.
  14. Use of the swimming pool is at your own risk and adults are responsible for children in their company. The depth of the swimming pool is indicated at the side of the pool. Please observe and obey the rules posted on the sign by the pool.
    There are 2 lifebuoys for use in an emergency as well as a first aid kit. When necessary, please inform reception and/or call a doctor (see sign with the pool rules).
  15. Please close the parasols at the pool after each use and roll up the canopy on your balcony to a few centimetres from the end stop at night-time.
  16. Please close the garden gate when entering and leaving the compound. Please use the intercom to establish who is requesting entry before using the remote control to open the garden gate.
  17. Please do not feed stray dogs or cats or pigeons inside the complex. These animals are not vaccinated and could transmit disease. Also, they usually stay in the complex if a guest feeds them. Our next guests may not be animal lovers.
  18. If you need help or have any problems please come to reception. Our staff will be happy to help you.

We hope you enjoy your stay and that the sun shines throughout. If it does rain (it rains five days a year on average to the south of Gran Canaria), don’t be disappointed and take the opportunity to visit one of the island’s many attractions.

Best regards,




To activate your extension please dial 9 or ask at reception.

To make an international/external call:
0 (tone) 00 + 44 (for UK) + (area code without the zero) + (Telephonenumber)

From room to room:
1 + Room number

From room to Reception:    
9 or 1092

Our phone numbers are:
00 34 928 76 68 61,  00 34 928 77 12 23

1 + room number

If you want to be reached by phone please give the direct dial through number to the person who will call. He/she can then dial the extention number as soon as the recording begins.



Important Telephonenumbers

Emergency Doctor (Dr Felipe Cáceres opposite Yumbo:
928 76 12 92

Emergency (Ambulance, Fire station, Police):

+34 649 862 151 (nur in dringenden Notfällen)



Useful Adresses

A: Las Afortunadas

  1. Shopping Centre CITA, Avda. de Alemania
  2. Shopping Centre LA SANDIA, Avda. de Alemania
  3. Shopping Centre YUMBO, Avda. de EEUU
  4. CHEMIST & OPTICIAN / FARMACIA & OPTICA Avda. de Alemania/ Avda. de Francia
  7. German Supermarket, Supermercado alemán, Avda. Alf. Provisionales, Apts. Tirajana
  8. English speaking Hairdresser, Peluqueria de habla inglesa, Avda. Tirajana, Apts. Sol y Mar

If  you wish to have a massage (specialist in pain relief and relaxation), please contact reception to make an appointment.



Las Afortunadas

Telefon: 928 76 68 61
Fax: 928 76 98 99

Avda de Bonn 8,
Playa del Inglés